Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids - by author Sharon Jaynes

Good Morning, just wanted to share with you some great information I received this morning listening to a program called Focus on the Family. On the broadcast, Author Sharon Jaynes shared some of her life story and some great tips in here book Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids.  
If you are interested in listening click here. Also in the today's spotlight section, Sharon Jaynes has put together some advice and suggestions to help us Moms out.  
I know for me I needed this.  There are days as a domestic engineer (Stay at Home Mom) I feel like I have fallen short in many areas.  I am thankful I serve a God that fills me with his love and fills in where I mess up at.  My prayer is for the parents, especially Moms, that the broadcast speaks to your heart and lets you know how precious you are. 

 Thank you again for letting me share. 
A Gift from Above - Read Proverbs 31. 

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